Science & Technology


The basis for the development of innovative drugs is the knowledge and competences in science and research. BGP built an experienced team of scientists from various areas of biotechnology, molecular biology, chemistry, etc., capable of facing any challenges that may occur within the fast growing biotech field. Currently, our team is working on several biosimilar and innovative drugs:

  • Production of Recombinant Proteins and Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Production of Biological Drugs and vaccines

Quality & cGMPs Compliance

Unwavering commitment to quality is BGP’s greatest asset. The Consistent success of our healthcare products is a testimony to our abiding belief that nothing can replace quality.

At BGP, quality is understood to be a result of synergy and coordinated effort between various activities that lead to the final product. Ensuring quality, therefore, is the most important task for all our employees.

All procedures and work processes at BGP conform to strict international healthcare standards.

BGP is investing in its human resources to comply with the highest local and international Quality Standards.